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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Get start a new life-- NEW BEGINNING :)

I'm here as a new person - new spirit - new determination - and new young wild girl ( love this sentence ).
Just realize that I'm getting old for each day I woke up in the morning. Seem like I've a lot of things that I need to do. OKAY noted!

Idayumisran-- my pleasure for being this cheerful girl. Expecting me to be so perfect? NO! I can't. I'm just a human. I'm not an alien nor I'm not even a superhero ( even I've dream about being a superhero since I'm a fans of MARVEL-- ironman ).

I do make a lot of mistake. Sometimes, I hurt others and I do get hurt by others too. This we call it as a karma. Haa --you deserved it Ayu-- Daa, stop bubbling.

People who doesn't know about me will said that I'm a happy go lucky person. But the the truth is I'm not. Deep in my heart I'm lost. I'm just a loser. Because being me are so complicated. I've a inner self problem. What is that? --I'm not even NO-- But I just let it past. Trying to ignore everything.